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Kuwait begins laying off 50% expats working in non-technical fields

05 August 2020

Governmental ministries in Kuwait have begun laying off expats, particularly those working in non-technical fields.

A source who spoke to the media said, the process of terminating expats working in government agencies will be done gradually, and we will notify them so that the work is not affected.

More than 50 percent of expats working for sub-contractors, who have been hired by governmental agencies, will be laid off in three months’ time. However, those who have been hired directly by the ministries have already been moved to subcontractors working for governmental ministries.

The Head of the Parliamentary Human Resources Development Committee, MP Khalil Al Saleh said that the Committee has taken measures to address the issue of demographic imbalance and next week a report with data and statistics will be presented to the National Assembly.

 “We have achieved what we agreed upon to solve the problem, especially since there are expats that are working in non-technical jobs in the governmental sector,” the MP said.

Al-Saleh emphasized on closing the Kuwaitization file that deals with expats working in non-technical jobs. He insisted the Civil Services Commission to adhere to resolution 11/2017 that deals in Kuwaitization of public sector, which could result in 100 percent of public sector being occupied by Kuwaitis.

Robin Vinod

Writer/blogger who writes on topics such as travel, real estate, employment and everyday life on GCC countries.

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