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8 lakh Indians in Kuwait may lose jobs due to the expat quota bill

08 July 2020

At least 8 lakh Indians may be compelled to move out of Kuwait if the new expat bill on expats is enacted into law.

The legal and legislative committee of Kuwait’s National Assembly has approved the draft expat quota bill according to which, Indians should not exceed 15 percent of the population.

Jobs in Kuwait

The bill should be transferred to the respective committee so as to form a comprehensive plan for the same.

The legal and legislative committee has determined that the expat quota bill is constitutional.

According to latest reports, this could lead to 8 lakh Indians leaving Kuwait, as the Indian community is the largest expat community in Kuwait, totalling 1.45 million.

Out of the total 4.3 million population in Kuwait, expats account for 3 million.  The bill plans to reduce the number of Egyptians to 10 percent of Kuwait’s total population, which form the second largest expat population in Kuwait.

Robin Vinod

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