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Al Zuhair Medical Center

Block 2 - lane 6 - Yousef bin Hammod Street, Hawalli Governorate, Kuwait +965 22248777 +965 25739820 www.azmc.net
Al Zuhair Medical Center (AZMC) is one of the most trusted Multispecialty Hospitals in Salmiya, Kuwait catering to urban and rural population.
Al Zuhair Medical Center (AZMC) is a leading health organization that started operation in 2005 and from that time Al Zuhair center is in continuous development and progress by addition of new services & facilities with introduction of the most advanced equipments.

Alzuhair medical center have all medical specialties such as Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, E.N.T, Ophthalmology, Gynecology, I.V.F, Dermatology, Urology, Dental, laboratory and Physiotherapy. The Plastic Surgery Unit of Al-Zuhair Medical Center is one of Kuwait’s elite Centers for Plastic Surgery with fully qualified and well trained personnels.

Al Zuhair medical center have a day surgery unit to receive all cases of minor to moderate cases, this unit included 10 inpatient rooms and 2 recovery rooms in addition with 2 operating theaters (rooms) with most advanced machines and equipment of anesthesia. The hospital’s Home Care provides health and support services for people with health needs who wish to remain in their homes. It offers the care and support necessary for people to live as independently as they can.

Al Zuhair medical center offers the following medical specialties:

- Obstetrics & Gynecology
- Infertility & IVF
- General Pediatrics
- General medicine
- Cardiology
- General Surgery
- Ear, nose and throat
- Ophthalmology
- Urology
- Plastic Surgery
- Dermatology & Venereal disease
- Dental dept. (implant – surgery – cosmetic dentistry – orthodontics – pedodentics).

• Obstetrics & Gynecology
5th Floor -22248777 Ext-5201
Dr. Ashref Al Gamal
Consultant - Obstetrics & Gynaecology

• Dermatology & Venereal disease
8th Floor -22248777 Ext- 5410 - 5411
Dr.Mohammed Omran- Specialist - Dermatology
Dr.Dany Toma-Consultant - Dermatology
Al Zuhair Medical Center Cosmetic Dentistry
Dr.Elie V. Warde-DDS, CES , Cosmetic Dentistry

• General Surgery & Endoscopy
6th Floor- 22248777 Ext:- 5601
Dr. Ahmad Mosallem- Medical Director & Consultant - General Surgery
Dr.Ashref Mancy- Specialist - General Surgery

• Cosmetic & Facial Care
8th Floor - 22248777 Ext- 5401
Dr. Azhar Al Rays
Cosmetics & Laser Treatments

• Rheumatology & Physical Med
7th Floor - 22248777 Ext:-5701
Dr.Haytham Ismael- Physical Medicine.

• Plastic surgery
Dr.Amro Thabet- Specialist- Plastic Surgery
Dr.Firas Hamdan- Consultant-Plastic Surgery
Dr.Sayed Salama- Plastic Surgery
Dr.Mohammed Emadedin- Plastic Surgery

Salmiya - Block 2 - lane 6 - Yousef bin Hammod Street, Hawalli Governorate

Contact Number:
22248777 - 97885525
E-MAIL: info@azmc.net

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