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Quttainah Medical Centre

Quttainah Medical Center, Alsha′b Albahary-Gulf Road-Block 8, Kuwait +965 1888883 https://qmc-kuwait.com/
Quttainah Medical Centre (QMC) provides the highest standards of medical services.
QMC provides the highest standards of medical services, the center is fully fledged with the latest technologies, advanced techniques, specialized and skilled team to assure the best cosmetic and reconstructive results.

Quttainah Medical Center is the largest specialized cosmetic surgery center in the Middle East. Based in Shaab Al Bahri, Kuwait, it is located directly on the coast of the Arabian Gulf boasting unique and amazing seaside views. The Boutique Center has been independently designed by the owner himself and it has significantly changed the skyline of Kuwait. Discover top-notch Cosmetic, Plastic Surgery Kuwait.

To know more mail us at info@qmc-intl.com or call on +965 1888 883.

Quttainah Medical Museum:
Experience the fascinating world of medicine at Quttainah Medical Museum. Our collection features rare medical and surgical antiques, intriguing World War II artifacts, and the evolution of modern science and medicine. Perfect for history and science enthusiasts! To know more please visit: https://qmc-kuwait.com/hospitality/#quttainah-medical-museum

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Gynecology and IVF

NON-Surgical Hair Transplantation

IV Hydration Clinic

Laboratory and Blood Bank

Non-Surgical Slimming

Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

Skin Care and Laser


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QMC-Shaab Bahri