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Al Boom

Radisson Blu Hotel, Al Bida Road, Al Ta'awn Street, Kuwait www.radissonblu.com/en/hotel-kuwait/restaurants.com
Savor the charcoal-grilled seafood, steak and other specialties of Al Boom, the unique atmospheric restaurant in Kuwait.
Diners will want to experience this unique dining venue. board a traditional Arabic dhow. Beautiful teak with gold-leaf accents gives this landlocked vessel the atmosphere of luxury sailing. Complete your VIP experience with expertly brewed coffee in the Captain's Diwaniya.

As unique as dining gets in Kuwait, this atmospheric restaurant is set on the huge Mohammedi II dhow. Built in Kozhikode, India, in 1979, it's made of fine teak wood, 2.5 tonnes of copper and 8.8 tonnes of iron nails. Dishes include whole Omani lobster, Gulf shrimp skewers and grilled Kuwaiti zubeidi fish.

The ship is a replica of one of the largest dhows ever built (Mohammedi I, 1915) and took three years to construct. There's steak night on Thursdays, with prime cuts weighed to order, plus a buffet of side salads and sweets for an extra KD7.

It's a popular experience, so book in advance.
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