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Al-Bairq Mall Kuwait

16 January 2020

There is no shortage of stunning Malls in Kuwait. The Al-Bairq Mall is yet another addition to the list. In Kuwait, it is one of the essential commercial projects undertaken recently. This mall is located in the city’s densely populated area. Therefore, it gives easy access to all tourists and locals visiting the city.

It is a tall building, towering parallelly to the other skyscrapers in the city. There are four commercial floors, and each one comes with large entrances. The stories are equally spacious. Undoubtedly, it is a complete family destination to visit and enjoy food and sopping.

Thus, it's the place where you find everything under the same roof, which is why it’s a family-friendly mall. Whatever your expectations from a day out in Kuwait, like enjoy shopping, dining, fun, and kids entertainment, it’s all there in Al-Bairq Mall.

Visitors of the Al-Bairq Mall are delighted with the amazing shopping and entertainment gastronomy of this place. The mall management also offers its complete services under one roof to delight all visitors. The Al-Bairq Mall has indeed grown up as a center of attraction over the years.

al-bairq mall

The exotic atmosphere, stunning architectural design, and rapid expansion of the mall complex attracted visitors to this place. Moreover, this is Eqaila’s first shopping mall. Eqaila is also the fastest-growing residential area in Kuwait. Therefore, it is suitable for the residents living there to have a mall centering their locality.

As you enter the building complex, you’ll find many boutique shops located inside. So, for all shoppers, it’s an exciting opportunity to shop until drop and enjoy. Al-Bairq Mall boasts of housing the most significant number of kids retail in Kuwait. Thus, it’s a famous place for kid’s fashion in the city.

Of course, there are many premium retail stores equally for the adults, which is why it’s a complete family shopping destination. Taking a food tour of the Al-Bairq Mall, you’ll find several fine-dine and boutique restaurants.

Therefore, it makes an excellent day for you to shop and enjoy a fantastic culinary retreat from some of the world’s most amazing restaurants. Also, it's an exclusive family shopping mall, and single men are not allowed to enter unless they come along with family.

Premium Retails

H&M, Foular, Mother Care, Shakok, Ajmal, Centre Point, Wahran, and others.

Restaurants and Cafes

Starbucks, Caribou Cafe, and Gloria Jeans, Baskin Robbins, Yo good, Kanafani, and others. You’ll also find fast-food chains like KFC, Burger King, Pizza Hut, Macdonald’s, and the list is long.

Entertainment: Cinescape Cinema and Future Kid

Opening Hours

10 AM to 10 PM


85 Street 250 Eqaila,
Kuwait City

Website: http://www.albairaqmall.com

Robin Vinod

Writer/blogger who writes on topics such as travel, real estate, employment and everyday life on GCC countries.

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