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Al-Raya Shopping Center Kuwait

16 January 2020

Kuwait City is full of exciting shopping joints. A few of them are new, but malls like Al-Raya Shopping Center Kuwait are among the oldest ones. If you want to have the shop until the drop experience in the city, visit Al-Raya Shopping Center.

It is an excellent place to stroll around and escape from the heat. It is a tall skyscraper centrally located in Al-Shuhada Street. Of course, it is the heart of the city and easily accessible from all corners.

Al-Raya Shopping Center is also the city's oldest shopping mall. Therefore, expect a large crowd whenever you visit. It cannot be compared with the gate Mall, 360 Mall, or Marina Mall in size. However, there is enough for a family day out.

Al-Raya Shopping Center Kuwait will give you complete shopping and dining experience like never before. You'll discover an array of premium branded stores under a single roof. So, there is no issue in finding multi-brands shops selling multiple varieties of products.

From outside, the Al-Raya Shopping Center looks like a well-maintained commercial property. It is not a touristic place like Alhamra Tower and Mall or other shopping malls in Kuwait. But you’ll find what all you expect from a shopping Mall.

It is indeed a beautiful place with several cafes and food joints. Moreover, there are high-end boutique stores from all leading brands. It won't be wrong either if we classify the Al-Raya Shopping Center as one of the expensive shopping malls in Kuwait. Therefore, expect to find many window shoppers marveling around.

al raya shopping mall

The mall management has taken special care for a dedicated parking facility. However, it’s not a free Car Park. You need to pay around $1 for the parking charge. The Marriott Courtyard hotel is located just next door. So it’s an excellent opportunity for those staying in this hotel to visit the Al-Raya Shopping Center easily.

Biggest Attraction: The Ball Room

Arraya Ballroom is the biggest attraction as its a part of the Marriott Courtyard Hotel, attracting many tourists and locals alike. It is also the city's largest meeting and event venue with over 1,000 car parking spaces. The Ball Room spreads over 1,482 square meters. The Marriott Courtyard hotel management team manages it. Whether there are significant events and weddings or private meetings, the Ball Room always remains full. It also offers stunning views of the surrounding area and the brilliant Kuwait Towers.

Since the Al-Raya Shopping Center is not one of those overrated shopping malls in the city, there is limited information available online. It is better to visit and experience yourself. Check their social account pages and comments from guests who attended there and sharing their experiences.


10 am to 10 pm


The Al-Raya Shopping Center,
Al-Shuhada Street, Kuwait City,

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