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Alaola Security & Safety Equipment Co

BMC Building, 6th Floor, Abdulla Al Mubarak Street, Kuwait (+965) 90042212, (+965) 22475280, (+965) 22417340 https://alaola.com/
Alaola is one of the leading security and security system dealer in Kuwait. If you are looking for a security partner in Kuwait, we are the right company for you.
In terms of security within the Gulf country, Kuwait is the second country with high-technology safety. Talking about safety, we are here to establish high technologies for your offices and homes. Our company is more than happy to provide you with the following offers to ensure both safety and security.

Our security and safety systems include - Gas detection, System for water leakage, Access controls, Alarms , CCTV, Guard for system, Inspection devices, Gates & barriers, Intercom systems.

Alaola” has been successfully involved in installing and maintaining security Systems e.g. CCTV, Intruder Alarm, Access Control System as well as Inspection devices .

From a private Villa, Retail Outlet Or a small Office to the highest level of security requirement in premises such as Banks, Governmental Authorities, Petroleum Sites or Embassies, we do provide a long range of products that suit almost any enquiry.
Since we have started, we applied our own policy that made us distinguished in this competitive market. We basically perform an internal testing and trials for most of the security products and systems before marketing them.

Finally, we try to make sure that our clients obtain the maximum benefit from our solutions. This is achieved through our highly motivated team of engineers and technicians who are always ready to give professional assistance.

If you are looking for a Kuwait security partner, we are the right company for you. We offer you high-quality technologies to protect your homes and business. We will install the latest essential technologies that you need. Trusting us means assurance of protection. Visit us now!
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