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Petzone Aswaq Alqurain

Al Qurain City Market, Kuwait 1806000 www.petzone.com
Kuwait's premier pet company for the best animal products, services, and advice.
Petzone is Kuwait's premier pet retail and distribution company. Our reputation has grown tremendously in the last few years with an expanding team and a sharpened focus on a number of exciting goals ahead. We offer a wide selection of high standard pet supplies, services, solutions and expertise to improve pet care while providing the best leading international brands in the market.

Leading animal care
Treating animals humanely at all times is our top priority
Required training for our employees before working with animals in our stores
We ensure fresh food and water is available to all animals at all times
We ensure to inspect animal habitats hourly and make sure they have what they need and that any animal requiring care gets it
Immediately separate any animal with any illness from other animals for treatment as soon as possible
We ensure all animal habitats meet veterinarian-approved guidelines, including appropriate food, materials and the number of animals housed in each
Due to lack of availability of certified breeders in the Middle East region, we always aim to encourage local breeding in the best international standards whenever possible
Educating responsible pet owners
Our employees are always available to provide our customers with all the essential information regarding pets and animals.

Supporting adoption agencies
We recommend that anyone looking to bring a new pet into their family first consider adopting a companion animal in need of a loving home, rather than purchasing one.
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