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Giant Migration

Shayma Tower Floor 10 | Murgab, Block 3, Plot 8A+8B. Omar Bin Al-Khattab Street PO Box- 5819, Safat 13059, Kuwait +965 222 71 638 / 971 026544027, +971 50 386 8460 https://kuwait.giantmigration.com/
Giant Migration is one of the finest Immigration Consultancy around the world.
Giant Migration is a licensed immigration company based in Dubai, UAE and in 8 other countries. Our company specializes in all immigration programs, with the main focus on economic immigration programs at the federal and provincial levels, family reunification, assistance to Canadian, Australian and German employers and foreign workers, international students and foreign entrepreneurs. We also have representatives across Europe and the USA.

Giant Migration is one of the top immigration consultants in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, carefully helps each client to go this way from the very first steps to full adaptation in a new country. Giant Migration was established over a decade ago in Dubai, and during this time, we have accumulated rich experience that helps our customers to make their move comfortable without hassle.

At Giant Migration, we work with a vision to create an easy path for clients to achieve their goals of relocation and immigration. With an aim to offer assistance and solutions concerning immigration, our goal is simple, to make immigration seamless and dreams come true with our proficient and personalized services.

The process of Canada immigration from Kuwait is a train with several stations. Hence, Giant Migration works on the principle to make sure the passengers on this train have a smooth and seamless journey. We understand the concerns of our clients when they decide to migrate to Canada from Kuwait. This is why we ensure our consultants take a transparent route for all procedures and deliver the best possible solutions pertaining to all immigration problems.

E: infokuwait@giantmigration.com
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