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Green Island - your ideal family picnic spot!

30 January 2020

Located off the coast of Kuwait City's promenade, the Green Island is an artificial island in Kuwait. Opened in February 1988, it is a popular tourist attraction, and a popular holiday retreat of Kuwait. It is in fact, a reclaimed land, transformed into an artificial island.

Stretching from Al Shuwaikh to Ras Alard, the island spans an area of 785,000sqm, and is surrounded by natural rocks brought from Al-Fujairah to Emirates. In fact, even the sands at the beaches of the Green Island is said to have been imported from other countries.  The island, which is owned by T.E.C, includes 50,000 coloured shrubs and seedlings planted there, and with all colours and greeneries, it does not render the feel of being in a desert country.

green island kuwait

Some highlights of Green Island

  • Along the eastern side of the island, is a swimming pool, with a depth of 2.5m to 3m.
  • The Island offers a range of entertainment options including an amphitheatre with a seating capacity for atleast 700 people.
  • There is a 35m tall tourist tower in the island, with an overhead water tank. On standing atop the tower, visitors can catch a glimpse of the whole island.
  • The tower also has a Kid’s Castle with several rooms, channels, corridors, spiral stairway and waterfalls.
  • On either side of the island, there is a restaurant and a well-equipped service centre. There is plenty of space and options to play games with family, including Soap-Football, playground for kids, inflatable bouncing castles, options to train ride, a good walking path, bicycle rent, and above all an opportunity for an outdoor picnic meal.

Restaurants near Green Island

Burj al Hamam (0.35mi), TGI Friday’s (0.89mi), Johnny Carino’s (0.51mi), Layali Al Helmeya (0.94mi) and Cafe Bazza Bneid Al Gar (0.96mi).

Attractions near Green Island

Kuwait Towers, Al Shaheed Park, The Promenade Mall, Bait Al Outhman Museum

Things to do in Green Island

The Green Island could be your ideal spot for a relaxing and enjoyable weekend, and the perfect place for a family picnic or get-together. Here’s what you can do with your family when you visit the island:

  • Play Soap-Footbal on the right of the entrance, while along the left, there are bouncing castles available for children in the afternoon and evening.
  • If you are a die-hard fan of the beach, there is a gorgeous beach, wherein you can catch the rays. Although the shore is not a long one, it is just right to spend a relaxing day at the beach.
  • For the kids, there is the fun pool, trampolining, kid castle, bumper cars and machine-operated high-flying swing ride.
  • Climb up the tourist tower at the Green Island, and enjoy the panoramic views from atop. While on the one side there is endless water, on the other side you can see the Kuwait towers, and from other angle you can view the budding skyscrapers of Kuwait.
  • You can rent a bicycle and move around. The smaller cycle may cost you 500 filsl for half an hour while the bigger 4-wheeler or 4seater may cost KD5 for an hour.
  • Trains are available at 250fils per person and you can enjoy a complete ride around the island.
  • The Green Island is also a wonderful place for a long stroll.
  • The amphitheatre will have some plays and musical concerts that you can enjoy.
  • You could also plan a barbecue picnic, or carry along packed food, or just order from a restaurant at the premises, as the place has some good restaurants.
  • Play your favourite sport, cricket, badminton or etc.

Above all these options, the green environment of the green island adds color for a picnic in a desert country. So, plan your visit at the earliest and enjoy!


Green Island
Arabian Gulf Street (Near Kuwait Towers)

Tel: +965 22573542 / 22526153

Entry Fee

KD1.5 per person


8am to 11pm daily

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