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Amnesty for Residency Violators begins today in Kuwait

31 March 2020

amnesty kuwait

The Residency Violators in Kuwait have been granted 30 days from today to leave Kuwait without paying fines or airfare, with the possibility of returning to the country later.

The violators have been instructed to directly visit the designated processing venues in Farwaniya on specific dates, depending on their nationality. The first on the list of expatriates are the illegal Filipino residents. The Philippine Embassy in Kuwait has published an advisory regarding procedures to be followed.

The undocumented Filipinos and those with absconding cases are encouraged to visit the processing centres of the Interior Ministry from 1st to 5th April from 8am to 2pm, the advisory said. The men can visit ‘Al-Muthanna Primary School for Boys’, and women to visit ‘Farwaniya Primary School for Girls’ in Farwaniya. The amnesty applicants are required to bring along their valid passports, along with two pieces of luggage (20kg each and 7kg carry bags). Those without valid passports should bring along three passport-size photos with blue background, the advisory said.

The officials in the embassy at the venue will process the travel documents of the Filipinos who need them. The Ministry of Interior has granted a one-month amnesty from 1st April to 30th April to tens of thousands of expats living illegally in the country to leave without paying any fines, promising that they will be allowed to return when the situation normalizes.

The Interior Ministry has prepared 12 schools in the six governorates with six each for males and females who prefer to return home. The Ministry also said that those who refuse to leave would be penalized and denied re-entry into Kuwait. Violators would be received on the following dates from 8am to 2pm:

Philippines – April 1st to 5th

Egypt – April 6th to 10th

India – April 11th to 15th

Bangladesh – April 16th to 20th

Sri Lanka – April 21st to 25th

Other nationalities – April 26th to 30th.

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