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Kurdo Restaurant Kuwait

14 January 2020

If you are looking for some best shawarma in Kuwait, Kurdo is the place. Kurdo has several branches in Kuwait including some of the big malls such as 360 mall, the Salmiya high street, Arabian Gulf Street etc. the taste of Kurdo shawarma distinguishes it from others although there are new restaurants offering different varieties of Shawarma. The standard of food is surprisingly good and can be addictive with the best Shawarmas in Kuwait.

Kurdo Restaurant Locations

Salmiya - Salem Al-Mubarak 1

Salmiya - Salem Al-Mubarak Street - Next to Fanar Mall
Telephone: +965 22200222
Open 24 Hours

Salmiya - Salem Al-Mubarak 2

Salmiya - Salem Al-Mubarak Street - Next to Layla Gallery
Open from 7 am to 3 am midnight

Salmiya - Blajat

Salmiya -Blajat Street - Opposite Al-Seef Hospital
Open 24 Hours

Marina Mall

Marina Mall - Food Court
Telephone: +965 22200222
Open from 10am

360 Mall 1

360 Mall - Food Court
Open from 10 am to 12 midnight

Avenues Mall - Carrefour

Avenues Mall - Carrefour
Open from 10 am to 12 midnight

Avenues Mall Branch 2

Location: Avenues Mall - Restaurants World
Telephone: +965 22200222


Al-Yarmook - Al-Yarmook CO-OP
Open from 7 am to 2 midnight


Ardiya - 5th Ring Road
Open 24 Hours

kurdo restaurant kuwait

Kurdo Restaurant Menu

Meat Shawarma Kurdo

Chicken Shawarma Kurdo

Mexican Chicken Shawarma

Doner Meat ( Turkey Bread )

Doner Meat ( Saj Bread )

Doner Chicken ( Turkey Bread )

Doner Chicken ( Saj Bread )

Doner Chicken Spicy ( Turkey Bread )

Saj Pizza Supreme

Saj Pizza Pepperoni

Saj Pizza Cold Meat

Saj Pizza Mortadela W Cheese

Saj Pizza Cheese Sousage

Saj Pizza Kashkawan W Zaatar

Head office
Kurdo Restaurant Company
Kuwait - Salmiya,
Al-Bulstan Complex
P.O. Box 1814, Code 22019, Salimya - Kuwait
Website: http://www.kurdo.com/
E-mail: info@kurdo.com

Kurdo Restaurant Delivery Number

Tel: +965 25742224 / 25741114 / 25740004

Some branches have parking available or drive-in, order, drive out type restaurant or you can stop the car nearby and one of their attendants will come and take the order and deliver it within a matter of 5 minutes. One of their concepts is that everything is made in front of you, so you have a glass barrier and you can indeed watch everything being made, including the thin, non-leavened flat bread that are like wraps and cooked traditionally on a convex, heated, metal surface after being rolled out.

Kurdo restaurant menu is fairly extensive. The Shawarma is so tasty and the best part is that they fold the shawarma so well that it doesn't drip or spill from you. Their shawarma combos are priced above the usual but they are totally worth it!

Try their shawarma with Saj bread (unleavened flatbread), it is softer than the normal bread and taste better. They do come at a price much more than your routine shawarmas. They choose the best kinds of Arab fresh meats daily and the best kinds of chickens in the world. They also have the best kinds of spices mixed in Kurdo labs which add to the unique taste of Kurdo-delicious-Shawarma.

Kurdo restaurants have different types of lunch time sandwiches, sandwiches with zaatar (a blend of spices that includes hyssop, sumac and sesame) and halloumi, and salads at speed. They use distinctive kinds of sauces prepared especially to match all kinds of sandwiches separately. Kurdo also has a lot of fresh juices. We mean 100% fresh juices.

They do have other items on the menu which are also really good. Their best selling dishes are Chicken Shawarma Kurdo Sandwich, Kurdo Meal, Meat Shawarma Kurdo Sandwich and Mexican Chicken Shawarma Sandwich, although they have a variety of dishes and meals to choose from.

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