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Kuwait Cybersecurity CTF Training

Workshops Kuwait City 10 Mar 20 09:00 AM
Kuwait Cybersecurity CTF Training
Kuwait Cyber Security Training will be held at Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences from Mar 10-11.
Event Location
Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences, Ahmad Al Jaber Street, Al Kuwayt, Al Asimah Governate, Kuwait
Kuwait City
Start Time
10 March 2020, 09:00 AM
End Time
11 March 2020, 05:00 PM

Kuwait National Cybersecurity CTF Training (10 - 11 Mar. 2020)
Co-organizers: GDGWTM Kuwait, WiCSME, and CyberTalents

The course is designed to provide participants with the needed knowledge and background that enables them to engage in capture the flag hacking contests. It covers each of the vectors used in the CTF Competition including web security, Malware Reverse Engineering, Digital Forensics and others. It introduces every topic and gives practical live examples on how to solve the challenges in each category.

This training will be conducted by GDG Kuwait & Women Techmakers. They meet at least once a month in Kuwait and the purpose of the meeting is for developers to share knowledge and expertise in the various technologies: Cloud, including TensorFlow, Cloud ML, GCP, iOS, Web and Android development, languages and more.

Training Modules:

- CTF Basics
- Web Security Challenges
- Malware Analysis Challenges
- Digital Forensics Challenges


- Network (Basic knowledge)
- Programming (Basic Knowledge)
- Operating Systems (Basic Knowledge)

Course Duration: Two full days from 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM AST
Course Location: KFAS, Kuwait

How to register:

1- Create an account on (www.cybertalents.com).
2- Fill this form: http://bit.ly/2S1N133
3- If you are accepted, you will receive a confirmation mail informing you that you are officially registered. Then you can arrange to take permission from work/uni. The organizers can also assist with a letter.

Make sure to also register your team for The official Kuwait National Cybersecurity CTF that will be held at KFAS on 12th March.

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