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MoCI - 3 Kgs of Chicken per person

Other Kuwait City 30 May 22
MoCI - 3 Kgs of Chicken per person
MoCI: 3 Kgs of Chicken per person. Service of ration disbursement notification part of Sahel app.
Event Location
Kuwait, Kuwait
Kuwait City
Start Time
30 May 2022, 12:00 AM
End Time
30 June 2022, 12:00 AM

The Ministry of Commerce and Industries issued a decision to amend the distribution of frozen chicken through ration cards. From 1st of June instead of 2 kgs it will be 3 kgs per person.

The decision comes as a part to confront the rise of poultry prices in the market which is affected by the global increase in food prices, reports Al Rai. Continued flow of poultry products to Kuwaiti citizens without additional cost will continue which is within the budget of food subsidies and MOCI will bear the difference in cost.

Al-Shariaan stated that the government will make sure that the Kuwaiti citizens are not affected and all basic commodities will be available in Kuwaiti houses at subsidized rates. Kuwait government always stocks basic food commodities.

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry declared that the service of notifications for the disbursement of food supplies is now available on the Sahel app, through which notifications will be sent to the account of the beneficiary of the ration card, which would be the head of the family. In a press statement, the ministry explained that the notification will be sent after each disbursement of food supplies. An invoice will then be issued, and a notification will be sent on the quantities disbursed and the name of the recipient.

The phone number of the head of the family must be updated in the ration card system such that it should be the same number registered in the Sahel app in order to benefit from this service. This service is available from the services of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry in the government’s Sahel application.

Kuwaiti citizens and expats are informed not to heed to rumors and get into panic mode of buying food commodities. Buy only how much is needed in order to avoid wasting foodstuff. Relevant agencies play their role to ensure uninterrupted supply of commodities.

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