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Criminal Laws Review Committee holds 1st meeting

Other Fahaheel 07 May 22
Criminal Laws Review Committee holds 1st meeting
Criminal Laws Review Committee held its first meeting at Kuwait Society of Lawyers.
Event Location
Kuwait, Kuwait
Start Time
07 May 2022, 12:00 AM
End Time
31 May 2022, 12:00 AM

The Criminal Laws Review Committee held a meeting at the Kuwait Society of Lawyers. The Committee consists of lawyers and academic members headed by Lawyer Dr. Fawaz Khaled Alkhateeb, Visiting Assistant Professor of criminal law at Kuwait International Law School (KILAW).

The meeting was attended by Vice President Attorney Salah Abdullah Al- Ghanim and Member Lawyer Khaled Hussein Al-Adhab.

In the meeting, the Head of the Committee pointed out the objective of the Committee’s work. The work is to improve the criminal legislative structure by reviewing the criminal laws and submitting the necessary proposals to amend the legislation of a criminal nature, whether in the Penal Code or in other non-penal laws that carry punitive texts.

“The Committee also seeks proposals to develop the special articles related to criminal procedure law according to its priorities related to the consolidation of justice and the protection of rights and freedoms,” he said, noting that lawyers perceive the existence of legislative shortcomings by practical experience, adding that “our experience as lawyers enables us to develop a better practical vision for some provisions of the Penal Code and the Code of Criminal Procedures and Trials in a manner that serves the Kuwaiti legislative environment.

He also added that the Committee will take into consideration the opinion of experts in penal law and criminal procedures in leading academic institutions such as KILAW and Kuwait University to present elaborately crafted legislative proposals.

On his part, Vice Chairman of the Committee, Lawyer Salah Al-Ghanim, said that “we work with the concept of construction by making use of the largest possible amount of information through communication and consultation with competent judicial authorities or assisting judicial bodies, as well as security authorities and bodies associated with the work of judicial authorities.

Kuwait Criminal Laws Review Committee

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