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Kuwait's courts receive million cases annually

Latest News Kuwait City 04 Apr 23
Kuwait's courts receive million cases annually
‘Kuwait’s courts receive more than a million cases annually’.
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Kuwait, Kuwait
Kuwait City
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04 April 2023, 12:00 AM
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30 April 2023, 12:00 AM

Kuwait courts of all kinds receive more than a million cases annually, “at an average of 83,000 cases per month, and 2,740 every day,” reports Al- Qabas daily.

The daily gave a breakdown of cases as 2,740 cases every day,19 thousand cases per week and 83 thousand cases per month.

In an indication of the increase in judicial disputes in the country, informed sources revealed that the judiciary is making tremendous efforts to quickly resolve the increasing disputes, in addition to modernizing the litigation system and accelerating the pace of issuing verdicts in cases, which have increased by 100 percent over 10 years.

The sources indicated that the ease of litigation and the lack of obtaining fees contributed greatly to the increase in cases, as the matter does not always reflect the culture of litigation. Rather, “there is a small percentage of those who want revenge on their opponents, knowing that their cases are lost and the reason is that filing the case for free, unlike some Gulf countries and others

The sources pointed out that there is clear evidence regarding the issue of direct appeals before the constitutional courts, which require 5,000 dinars fee for everyone who wishes to appeal directly without resorting to other courts, indicating that the percentage of those who have appealed before the “constitutional” court since the implementation of the law is very small. If it was free, we would have seen an overcrowding in filing appeals before the Constitutional Court.

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