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Kuwait MoH updated its Covid-19 guidelines

Entertainment Kuwait City 17 Jan 22
Kuwait MoH updated its Covid-19 guidelines
Kuwait’s Ministry of Health (MoH) updated its Covid-19 guidelines within the framework of global update of the protocol for the period of isolation.
Event Location
Kuwait, Kuwait
Kuwait City
Start Time
17 January 2022, 12:00 AM
End Time
31 January 2022, 12:00 AM

Kuwait Ministry of Health (MoH) spokesperson Dr. Abdullah Al-Sanad said in a press release that the quarantine period for the people who came into contact with a person who tested positive would be 14 days, with the possibility for vaccinated people to end the quarantine if their PCR test showed negative in the 7th day of quarantine.

He added that the non-vaccinated people who were in contact with an infected person must quarantine for 14 days from the date of contact. He indicated that the period for an infected person was reduced to seven days for the vaccinated and 10 days for the non-vaccinated from the date of the first PCR, stressing the need to continue to wear masks covering their mouth and nose during and after the isolation period.

He pointed out that the vaccinated people were those who received the third booster dose, or anyone who took the second dose within nine months, or anyone who has been infected in less than 28 days from the end of the isolation period.

Al-Sanad said that whoever received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is immunized for nine months from receiving the dose, and advised to take the booster in order to maintain effective immunity.

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