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If you are looking for Premium Quality travel bags online, Samsonite is the best place for you.
With the trust gained from across 130 countries over 100 years, we serve you the best quality bags and luggage which are economical, eco-friendly and light.

Samsonite Laptop Backpacks Sets: Shop from a wide range of Samsonite Laptop Backpacks for Men’s , Women’s . Soft and Hard type of Laptop Backpacks like Casual Laptop Backpacks.

Our story:

When Jesse Shwayder founded Samsonite® in 1910 in Denver, travel was once reserved for only an exclusive few, those who had the means to see the world. Given this exclusivity, travel was a high quality experience from the transportation, to the attention to service, to even the accessories used to carry one’s belongings.

The Shwayder Brothers, the company’s original founders, manufacture robust wooden trunks. ATTACHE was the first magnesium reinforced ABS-Document Case for business people.

Oyster was the first suitcase with a three-point lock system, the first Samsonite aluminium product. The first Samsonite aluminium product. Cosmolite: made of the innovative Curv® material. Resulting in the strongest and lightest Samsonite suitcase ever.

Another Samsonite innovation is born: Advanced Hybrid Technology. This new technology is included in the new ranges Cordoba Duo and Sahora Regeneration.

Lite-Locked: the pioneering light-weight collection is launched, merging a three-point locking system with revolutionary Curv® material. Lightness has never been so Secure; Security has never been so Light.

We are always devoted to inspire travelers with the best innovations, we will keep on walking Our Responsible Journey as we did over the past century.

Samsonite, always by your side.

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