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Empire Studio

PLOT 1173 , SHOPS NO. 3,2,5A BLOCK NO. 1, AL RAI, Kuwait 96599977679 / (+965) 247 100 80 https://www.empirestudiokw.com/
Empire Studio is a leader in paint protection & window tinting.
Empire Studio is the most trusted paint protection & window tinting company located in Kuwait.

Empire Studio specializes in fitting Paint protection film and window film with all service for all type of vehicle. We offer various services, including paint protection film (PPF), window tinting, nano ceramic coating, polish works, interior/exterior detailing, waxing/crystal waxing, windshield protection, AlloyGator (wheel rims protection), blackout (FoilWrap), ozone odor treatment, headlight restoration.

We use latest techniques and our staff are extremely knowledgeable. We make sure our customers are completely satisfied with their service.

Professional VIP detailing will increase the resale value of your vehicle. We are Certified from one of Leading Detailing Institutions USA. We are a very open and easy to reach company.

Your vehicle is our responsibility, our place is fully safe & secure and we are fully insured & have enough space to park your vehicle. Your vehicle will be covered 100 % in our workshop by one of the well-known insurance company in Kuwait.

So, you can contact us for your vehicle needs, without any hesitation.
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