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Artificial Intelligence Doctrine

Al Shahed Tower , Floor # 10 Mirqab , Kuwait 66419398 https://www.aidoctrine.com/
AI Doctrine is powered by artificial intelligence. We are turnkey robotics sellers to help automate tasks that are too complex for traditional automation.
AI Doctrine is an AI-focused company, selling world-changing AI solutions and robotics. We are a leading reseller of robotics created by SoftBank Robotics, Double Robotics, and PUDU Robotics in Kuwait.

Our services are also available in Qatar, UAE, Oman, KSA, Bahrain, Nigeria, Libya, Sudan, Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, and South Africa.

We, at Ai Doctrine, believe in the transforming power of artificial intelligence in wide-ranging fields including healthcare, education, hospitality, communications, and public relations, Our experience allows us to provide highly professional autonomous service robots and effective solutions to enhance productivity.

Ai Doctrine is selling a full line-up of industry-leading professional robotics that thoroughly meets all industry requirements. Back by mature software capabilities, our robots are worldly renowned for their unparalleled features and functions.

Ai Doctrine provides services of fast and intelligent professional service humanoid robots that are popularly applicable in various applications and industries. These AI robots perform impressive maneuvers by replicating human force and intelligence.

We understand what it takes to keep pace with the ever-evolving highly technical world and humanoid robotics is the answer to it.These robots are widely used for education, health, hospitality, and entertainment application for the interaction they offer.

E: sales@aidoctrine.com
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