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Board G

KFH Building, 10th Floor, Office 7, Block 1, Alwazzan Street, Mirqab, Kuwait 0096598805353 https://boardgulf.com/
Developed and Owned by ROQAY For IT Consulting Company, it is specialized in websites, web stores, mobile apps, elearning solutions, and business applications.
BoardG Application Is Developed And Owned By ROQAY For IT Consulting Company.

ROQAY Is A Software Development Company Established By The End Of 2018 And Scaled Up Over The Years. Specialized In Web Sites, Web Stores, Mobile Apps, ELearning Solutions, And Business Applications. We’re Experts At What We Do, Software Development Is Our Game, The Largest Companies Count On ROQAY To Provide The Best Software Solutions For Them.

Our Team Of Specialized Experts Always Succeeds In Helping Clients Reach Their Goals. We’re Following The Best Practice Framework In The Software Industry To Guarantee The Best Results In What Our Clients Get At The End.

We Consider Our Clients As Our Partners, We Closely Work Together To Build The Best Solutions. By Helping Each Other We Invest In Each Other’s Growth.

We’re Constantly Developing, Testing, And Improving To Make Sure We’re Delivering The Best Experience To Our Customers. We Are Not Afraid To Make Mistakes. We Learn From Others And From Our Challenges And Successes.

We Offer Innovative Solutions In Technical Design And Development That Strike The Right Balance Between The Needs Of Clients And Business Objectives.

We Believe That All Of Our Clients Are Considered As Partners In Business. Therefore, We’re Always Seeking Our Client’s Satisfaction And Doing Our Best To Overcome The Challenges They Meet In Their Business, Making It As Easy As Possible While Exceeding Their Expectations To The Best In The Projects We Deliver.

Over The Past Few Years, We Delivered A Lot Of Our Best Work To Our Clients. Take A Quick Look At Our Portfolio Page, You’ll Find Out How Creative We Truly Are.
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